I should not be allowed to blog! (But I am doing it anyway)

From the minute I started reading blogs I thought to myself, “I will never ever start a blog.”  It’s not that I don’t love reading them, in fact I read too many, but I am a terrible writer. TERRIBLE.  My spelling is bad, my grammar is worse, my vocabulary is small and I am extremely wordy.  So really, I should not be doing this!

So then why am I blogging?  I really have two reasons for blogging.   Have you ever seen the Friends episode when Joey is complaining about living all by himself in his new apartment and he is asked if it’s nice to have time alone with his thoughts to which he responds “…it turns out I don’t have that many thoughts” or something to that effect? (FULL DISCLOSURE: I watch Friends way too often and will reference it all the time)  Anyway, I am the exact opposite of Joey.  I am one of those people who just over thinks EVERYTHING.  When discussing something with Shane I often ask question after question until he just stops me and says, “I just don’t think about most things that much.” He told me I should blog because I have ‘so many interesting thoughts.’  Unfortunately he was probably just being a kind husband by calling them interesting,  but I’m blogging anyway.

The title should give you a hint of what this blog will mostly be about: my adventures in motherhood.  Well Motherhood is exactly why I am starting this blog.  When I had Emma Grace I immediately felt as if I had been lied to by the world.  I know people tell you it will be hard, but they also tell you to enjoy every minute.  I wanted to punch these people in the face.  I continually read blogs from moms with newborns that talk about every precious inch of their baby.  Do they talk about crying and lack of sleep?  Yes.  BUT they talk about these things in light of their love for their child, I did not feel this way when I had Emma Grace.  I am sure I am not the only one, but at the time I felt that way.  So my goal on this blog is to talk about motherhood honestly.  I don’ t think these mom’s are lying, but I want other mom’s to know that if they don’t feel the same way they are NOT ALONE.  Thus my next post will be all about my first few months of motherhood.

So other than my story about being a mom to a newborn what will be on this blog?   I will share adventures in trying to cook real food, attempts at DIY house projects and maybe even experiences in my professional life as a teaching artist, but it will be predominantly about how these things fit into my adventures in motherhood.  It will probably get pretty personal because that’s how I roll.   I am THAT PERSON in a new bible study who shares her actual struggles while everyone else is at the ‘pray for my cousin’s friend’s neighbor taking their SAT’ stage.   I am pretty sure I will share more questions than answers because I have A LOT of questions. Shane might tell you it’s like being married to The Riddler (Friends reference #2).  Most importantly I pray that each post points you to God’s goodness and grace.  He is the only reason I have learned to find joy in this thing called motherhood, and I really have found so much joy in it.

If you made it through this whole post I am impressed.  I would apologize for the poor writing, but I warned you 🙂


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