Where Is Your Head?

I haven’t blogged much lately.  Honestly, I am enjoying my time with Emma Grace so much right now that I kind of forgot about it.  I also feel like every time I start to write a post it doesn’t measure up to ‘It Gets Better’ and is therefore not worth writing.  I know that is silly.  I vowed to have an honest blog about motherhood and motherhood is fun, hard, exciting, tiring, confusing, messy, adventurous and wonderful all at one time.  I want to write about all of it, but sometimes I start a post and it just doesn’t feel important. Well today Emma Grace did something very important, at least it felt that way to me.

Today when I asked Emma Grace, “Where is your head?”  She immediately placed her hand on top of her head and smiled.

That’s right my baby girl knows she has a head and where it can be found.

I immediately scooped her up, kissed her cheeks like crazy and teared up a bit.  I asked her a few more times to make sure it wasn’t a coincidence,  but she continued to answer correctly.  I didn’t say anything for a while and then asked her again when Shane got home, and Emma Grace once again confidently showed us her head.

I know that this is a small thing.  In fact, she has been communicating fairly well for the past few months.  She waves for ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ and she has done her ‘eat’ and ‘more’ signs in response to me doing them a few times.  She shakes her head if you try to feed her when she doesn’t want anymore food.  When I sing the Ariel losing her voice ‘ahs’ she responds with her own version.  In the time I haven’t been blogging my baby girl has been quickly moving out of being a ‘baby’.  Even so, this specific event just seemed more significant.

I don’t even know where this falls in her development.  Maybe she was supposed to know this months ago.  Maybe she is a genius and shouldn’t know till 15 months.  Maybe she is right on track.  I don’t know and I don’t care.  Emma Grace is growing up so quickly.  Sometimes her growing is painful and hard, but today it was amazing.


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