Family Dinner

I’ve decided to start posting a little bit about the food we eat.  It is my intention to share what we have for dinner on a regular basis.  In our house we have cut out most highly processed foods and refined sugars.  I say most because we are in no way perfect when it comes to this change.  We used to be TERRIBLE processed food eaters.  We ate canned soup, white flour, white sugar, diet soda,  Jiffy peanut butter, frozen vegetables, almost no fruit, grocery store brand meat, no organics, Velveeta for our mac n cheese, Sara Lee bread, sugary cereals,  and all kinds of ‘diet’ foods (low-fat yogurt, Special K cereal, Lean Cuisines, 100 calorie snack packs, low fat salad dressings, etc.).

Maybe one day I will write a post about the many reasons we don’t eat that stuff on a regular basis anymore. Let’s just say once you learn your food is being colored with anti freeze and flavored with beaver anal glands it just doesn’t seem as appetizing.  Emma Grace’s health was certainly the straw that broke the camel’s back for us when it came to making a change.  Being a parents made us a lot more aware of what we were putting in our bodies, and by extension her body because I nursed her for the first 12 months.  I decided that makes it an acceptable topic for my mommy blog.

Whenever I talk to someone about these food changes he/she always seems overwhelmed.  The enormity of the challenge seems to keep people from making small changes.  My message is always the same, one small change is better than no changes.  It is totally ok to not change everything overnight, or ever.  We certainly are nowhere near perfect when it comes to eating well, but we celebrate every good change we make.  I will share our wins and losses when it comes to food because I want to encourage the small changes and be transparent about how we fall short.  So full disclosure,  I am currently drinking a milkshake.  Shane has friends over and one of them brought me a peanut butter milkshake.  I have not yet gotten to a point where I have the willpower to say no to such an offer.  Maybe one day…

BEFORE the milkshake we had an EXCELLENT family dinner.  Tonight we had taco salads for dinner.  A year ago that would have meant chicken breast cooked in packaged taco seasoning, romaine from a bag, pre-shredded cheese, Hidden Valley (or some other commercial brand) southwest ranch dressing and probably some bacon bits from a jar.  Actually, a year ago it would have been tacos not a salad.   Tonight I made my own seasoning, used some fresh leaf spinach, freshly grated cheese, homemade dressing and fresh avacado.  Emma Grace ate the same thing we did except her dinner was cut into small pieces and was without the dressing.  It was wonderful.  A simple, healthy, flavorful dinner that all three of us enjoyed without msg, gmos, corn syrup, preservatives or 10x the amount of sodium one person should eat in a day.  I am going to celebrate that we enjoyed a nutrional and healthy dinner, and try to not follow dinner with a milkshake tomorrow 🙂


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