The Good, The Bad, The Yummy

I realized that I should do some posts on all of the food we eat, not just dinner.  Let’s be honest, if the only thing I needed to do to lose some weight and be healthy was cook a well rounded dinner I would be a freaking super model.  The challenge is ALL DAY eating.  I thought I would share everything Emma Grace and I ate today, both good and bad.  (Shane ate many of the same things, but I don’t know what he eats while he is at work all day.)  I know eating real food can seem daunting, but hopefully you will see that it can be simple and delicious.

The Good:

Breakfast…Emma Grace and I both had an egg and a side of blueberries.  Her egg was scrambled, mine was sunny side up with a piece of whole wheat toast.  I like to have Emma Grace eat what I am eating as often as possible.  It forces me to eat healthy for her, and it is less work.

Lunch…Emma Grace had left over brown rice risotto, a sweet potato and a banana.  I realize that this seems random, but sometimes lunch is just what we have in the house in whatever form it will be eaten.  After I put Emma Grace down for her nap I made myself an AMAZING salad.  I saved the beet tops from the beets I roasted last night.  I mixed the beet greens and some spinach for the base of the salad.  I added some blueberries, goat cheese and toasted pecans.  I made a dressing with the blueberry balsamic reduction from dinner and some olive oil.  It took about 10 minutes to toast the pecans, wash and chop the produce and put everything together.  It would have been worth 30 minutes.  DELICIOUS.

Snack time…Emma Grace and I always have  an afternoon snack around 3:30.  Today we shared an apple and some pecans.

Dinner…We all had butternut squash soup and grilled cheese for dinner.  I put some spinach on the grilled cheese to add a little green to the meal.

The BAD:

I was a bit of a selfish mommy and brought my sick baby to bible study today because I hate missing it.  I didn’t want to send her to nursery, so I kept her with me.  In order to keep her happy and quiet I let her eat a bagel.  Some of you think I am ridiculous to tell you this was selfish.  Some of you are horrified I would let her eat a bagel.  I am mostly with the second group, but it happened and I don’t want to pretend to eat perfectly when we don’t.

The Yummy:

Shane and I had whole wheat coffee cake for dessert.  I used a single serving “coffee cake in a mug” recipe and made it with white whole wheat flour.  Should we eat dessert? Probably not.  At least they were portion controlled and made with whole wheat.

There you go, a whole day of almost all real food (pretend the bagel didn’t happen).  Simple, healthy and delicious.


Let’s Eat

I said I would post more about the food we eat, and I have failed miserably.  Partially because we have been trying to stick to a budget, and we were running short at the end of last month so we ate a lot of pb&j and grilled cheese.  I will say that even simple things like that are different for us now.  We eat whole wheat bread from a local bakery that has only 5 ingredients and is sweetened only with honey.  We eat 2 ingredient peanut butter (peanuts and salt) and fruit only jelly.  However, it wouldn’t have been all that interesting to hear about those kinds of meals for 2 weeks.

Now we are onto a new month and a reset budget, so hopefully I will have interesting things to share.  One thing I have been working on is trying new foods.  I have a very limited repertoire when it comes to cooking, and I have been pushing myself to add variety to my healthy food choices.  Today I bought some beets for the first time.  I have read a lot about how healthy and tasty beets are, so I decided it was time to try some.  I roasted our beets in the oven, and topped them with a little goat cheese and a blueberry balsamic reduction.  I didn’t love the beets, but I didn’t hate them.  I LOVED the reduction and the goat cheese, so I am sure we will try the dish again.

We also had apple stuffed chicken breasts and brown rice risotto.  Before we made changes I would have made both those dishes, but the stuffing would have had store bought white bread crumbs and the risotto would have been arborio rice.  Tonight I used ‘homemade’ bread crumbs, which was just our whole wheat bread ripped up and a little stale.  Risotto is typically made with arborio rice which is not a whole grain, so we now use brown rice.  It still tastes delicious, but it takes forever to cook.

Some of you may think this sounds like a lot of work for one dinner.  It was a fair amount of work, but it was totally worth it.  The dinner was delicious and healthy, my whole night is better when that is what our dinner tastes like.  Don’t get the wrong idea, I do not spend 2 hours on dinner every night.  The plan for tomorrow is reheated butternut squash soup and grilled cheese.  I made the soup a few weeks ago and froze half of the batch.  That means dinner tomorrow night should take me about 15 minutes.  I plan our week of dinners on the weekend, so I can plan easy dinners for busy nights.  Another time saving option is freezer cooking.  Sometimes I will take a Saturday and ‘freezer cook’ by prepping multiple meals that can be taken right out of the freezer and put in the crock pot or oven.

Fortunately for me Shane was home this afternoon, so I was able to take the time to cook a slightly more complicated (though not difficult) dinner.  Hopefully I will have more of those to share about soon 🙂