The Best 84 Minutes Yet

Did you know that Disney’s Beauty and the Beast only has an 8 out of 10 rating on IMDB?  I was unaware that Beauty and the Beast was even allowed to be rated.  Shouldn’t its greatness not be subject to usual ratings?  Beauty and the Beast is to movies what Jack Bauer is to federal agents, in a completely different league.  Maybe that is just what it is when it comes to Disney movies, but the point stands.  In only slightly related news…

Today I experienced the best 84 minutes of motherhood yet.  I am not exaggerating.  These 84 minutes were so blissful I had to Shane 30 minutes in to make sure he was on his way home to experience part of the goodness.  Today, for the first time in her 16+ month life, Emma Grace and I enjoyed Beauty and the Beast together.  Not only did we watch the entire movie, but we viewed it while snuggled in my bed with a snack.  THAT is the dream!  

You know the dream I am talking about right?  The one that every mother to be has and every mother of a newborn believes was a conspiracy lie by other moms to bring them down too.  Well I am here to tell you that it exists, it just takes a while to get there.  Snuggles, snacks and a full length Disney musical.  It has finally arrived.

Now she was only able to sit still because she didn’t nap and was exhausted.  She did spend 10 minutes in the middle playing in the corner of the room with 2 of my shoes.  Shane got home around that time, and she will do anything to be with Daddy so she got right back in bed for the rest of the movie.  Those details are not important.  The important thing is that sometimes being a mom is really hard.  Sometimes being a mom is really awesome.  Sometimes, when you are really lucky, being a mom is 84 minutes of Disney magic.


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