Man’s Best Friend

I know I posted last week about how wonderful it is to have an 18 month old.  I know I also promised to be more insightful with future posts.  However I left out the funniest thing about Emma Grace right now, and unfortuantely it doesn’t really provide any life lessons.  It is incredibly funny, adorable and ridiculous, so I am going to share…

It is clear that Emma Grace is unaware of the differences between herself and her pet. We aren’t sure if she thinks that she is a dog, or if she thinks Caroline is a human.  Firstly she has started to mix in barking with her every day speech.  She used to bark when we saw a dog either outside or in a book.  As time has gone on she has added barking in more and more often, but today she used it in a ‘sentence’.  (To be clear, Emma Grace doesn’t use actual sentences.  She babbles with a few actual words, but clearly thinks that she is speaking in full sentences.)  Today on the changing table she looked at me intently and said, “Daddy badaa lada baba WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF ahhhh Daddy.” I didn’t know how to respond to her very serious face.  Has anyone had this happen before?

Besides barking as if it was english, Emma Grace follows Caroline on all fours with her tongue out panting.  She does this at least twice a day.  It is actually one of her favorite activities.  Most adorablely, Emma Grace tries to have Caroline read her books.  NO, I don’t mean that she reads to Caroline.  Emma Grace follows Caroline holding out her book.  When Caroline stops Emma Grace sets the book in front of Caroline’s face.  When Caroline does not read the book Emma Grace gets upset.

So there you have it.  The best/funniest/most precious thing about our 18 month old Emma Grace.  From the time she could be a ‘dog person’ she was a ‘dog person’.  Now she seems to think that she is in fact a DOG/PERSON.


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