Team Blue vs Team Pink

I know it has been FOREVER since I blogged.  I was going to start back up with my pregnancy weeks, but then I was so sick I could barely function.  Now I am feeling healthy and ready to be back.  What better way for this football loving mommy to start blogging again than to write about a Super Bowl party?  There is none, I’m sure of it 🙂

We hold a Super Bowl party every year, but this year was a special one.  We decided to do our gender reveal at our party.  We had a football field cake made for us to cut before the game and learn what gender the baby would be.  We decided to use our favorite team logos because this picture will be in our child’s baby book, so we thought it should be personal.


By the way, this took very little self control on my part.  We took the gender envelope straight to the baker from the doctor.  Shane picked up the cake and hid the envelope while I was at work.  If it had been any other way, I would never have made it.

I tried to incorporate the football and gender reveal into our decorations.  I used pink and blue accents, pink and blue footballs, and some old wives tale predictors to decorate our mantle.   We let everyone vote on a Blue vs Pink Scoreboard with a name for the gender they were picking.

image image


The food was football themed.  I tried Buffalo Chicken Potato Skins ( and a football field dip with a homemade queso (  It was all delicious!

image image image

Clearly my sour cream piping is not pinterest worthy.  In my defense, it was the only thing keeping me from cutting the cake and learning the gender of my baby, so I may have been rushing.

I was excited to finally know for sure what we were having, but I was confident it was a boy.  This pregnancy has been very different from the first and I was convinced I was having a boy.  However, when we cut the cake we did not see a blue stripe in the middle…


We were so shocked and excited to learn we are adding another girl to the family.


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