Get This On Camera

We had fettuccine alfredo for dinner tonight, and Emma Grace asked Shane to help her with it. Somehow this resulted in him holding the fork up with a long noodle and Emma Grace opening her mouth underneath it. While feeding her this way Shane said, “This should be filmed.” My immediate reaction was, yes it should. We need to move to the table.

That’s correct we were eating dinner in the family room. Not only that, we were watching the TV. The Pacers vs. Hawks game 7 is what put us in front of the TV for dinner tonight. We are not all home every night, so we usually stress eating at the table together when we are here. We also love sports.

The point is that my first thought was, “we should capture this cute moment, but we can’t admit how not perfect we are in the process.” Instead of wanting to share the cuteness, I was concerned that people would judge the fact that Emma Grace and Shane were on the couch with a basketball game on during dinner. By the time I realized how ridiculous I was the moment was over, luckily she did the same thing for me later and we snapped this picture.


I actually let Shane snap it thinking I would share this story on the blog. Once I saw the picture I reconsidered because you can see the messy shelf, not yet decorated open space and my deodorant sitting out. If people aren’t appalled enough by us watching basketball with our 2 year old during dinner then they will surely have a problem with what the house looks like.

I am posting this story and picture because that kind of thinking has to stop. It is good for us to have family dinner at the table and it is good for me to keep the house clean. It is not ok for me to not share life because of fear of judgment. There are many times that I think about asking someone over for a play date and then don’t because of what my house or yard looks like. There are times I don’t film Emma Grace because of the mess in the background. THIS IS RIDICULOUS THINKING.

Social media has helped us create a fake world. One where everyone we know love their life all of the time, is always perfectly dressed and only does Pinterest worthy projects with their children. Some days all of those things are true, but more days none of them are. If I only ever share the part that someone would repin then I am lying. If I only show pictures of Southern Living quality meals at my dining room table then I am adding to the lie that grilled cheese means I failed as a mom that day. I love to be inspired by other people’s awesome creation and I love to celebrate their accomplishments. I also want to know that every day doesn’t look like Pinterest. I am worthy of friendship, love and happiness even when my house hasn’t been vacuumed yet this week and I didn’t shower today. I don’t need to pretend that those days aren’t part of life.

So there you have it. Today we watched playoff basketball while we ate dinner and right now I am writing this blog post instead of putting my deodorant and mail away. My daughter had a blast, my husband thought I was the best wife ever and I didn’t even notice the mess till I saw it in a picture. Tomorrow I will make us all eat at the table and do some cleaning. I won’t be a better mother, wife or person then, but I will try to get a better picture.


2 thoughts on “Get This On Camera

  1. One of the best pieces of advice that I ever received about having kids was, “Life is not a magazine ad.” So when I was in the hospital with my son and the photographer was stressing to cover up the pads on his head that held on his eye protection for the bili lights, I said to her “Don’t worry about it. Just take the picture how he looks, not how you think he should look.” I still struggle with letting the unimportant stuff go, but I try to remind myself of that old advice when I get too stressed about letting “should” get in the way of the “is.”

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