Not All Bad

Today I am 40 weeks and 5 days pregnant. That means every day I stare at my stomach and attempt to Jedi Mind trick this baby girl out of my womb…clearly the force is not strong with me. We are very anxious to meet our baby girl and get this sleep deprived show on the road, but being late isn’t all bad. I thought I would share some things that have been great about these last couple weeks.

Family Time…Due to directing Willy Wonka and choreographing Charlotte’s Web, I didn’t have a free weekend from January 3rd through Memorial Day weekend. I did have off over Spring Break, which we used to drive up to Poughkeepsie for time with the whole family. This means that it had been a long time since Shane, Emma Grace and I got a lazy Saturday for the 3 of us. We LOVE the 3 of us, and we are soon to lose that forever. We have used the last couple weekends for trips to the park, farmer’s market and even ice cream (something I have given Emma Grace exactly 3 times in her life). I am so thankful for the little bit of time we have gotten before we add another member to the family.

Emma Grace Time…I know this sounds similar to the first thing, but it is more specifically the time I’ve gotten with my girl during the week. I wasn’t done working all together until 38 weeks pregnant, but for the last 3 weeks I have had nothing to take me away from Emma Grace. I was nervous I would be so tired that I would just let her watch too much TV and try to make it through. By the grace of God I have had a decent amount of energy and an incredibly joyful toddler. We have had more fun playing in the last 3 weeks than ever before. I can’t believe how beautiful, funny and creative my girl has become, I truly cannot get enough of her. It is such a reminder of God’s faithfulness, love and plan to think about how far we have come from colic and depression to enjoying every minute together.

Awkwardness…When you tell people how close you are to your due date they immediately want to tell you all of the ways to get the baby out. There is nothing like having the parent of your student, or even better a random stranger in a store, tell you to go home and have sex. Thanks for the advice, it’s like you think I don’t have the internet or season 8 of Friends. Please.

Making people uncomfortable…I wish I could take a picture of the face of every store manager when I respond with, “2 days of ago” to their question of when I am due. In that moment I go from an adorable pregnant woman to the reason they are going to have an ambulance at their store and be covered in blood in the next 15 minutes. I am not sure why people think due dates are magic days that cause 10 minute public labor, but that seems to be a common assumption. It is awesome.

A Clean House…Well to some people it is probably not clean. I don’t really do bathrooms right now, so Shane could probably stand to do that. However, knowing that at any time I could have to leave and my parents could be living here for 2 days before I return has inspired me to keep the house at ‘ready’. Some days are better than others, but no days are as bad as 36 week pregnant tech week.

Sleep…I don’t sleep well every night, but since work has been over I have slept much better. The combination of not running over things to fix in musical numbers in my head and my back not killing me from dancing on bad floors has improved what I thought was just pregnancy insomnia. I still have some bad nights, but most nights I sleep fairly well. Ignorance may be bliss, but my lack of newborn ignorance allows me to appreciate every minute of sleep I get right now.

Date Nights…Shane and I love to date. We are pretty good at doing so due to a child that goes to bed at 7, and awesome family who is always willing to spend some time with Emma Grace. Unfortunately our dates were not quite as frequent in the last 6 months because of my job being a night time/weekend thing. In the last couple weeks we have been able to go out for dinner, lunch, go to a show, take a few walks and play some basketball together. I know we are about to go into survival mode, so I am incredibly thankful for the time we have spent together these last few weeks.

Appreciating the (potential) last time…It is possible this will be our last pregnancy. I suppose that is always true, but most people assume that due to our age and love of being parents that this is not our last. We are not turning around and making a permanent decision next week, but we are seriously considering this being our last biological child. There is so much involved in that choice, as well as the fact that often things happen outside of our plan, so I COULD get pregnant again. However we are leaning toward avoiding that, and knowing this might be it gives me graduation goggles. I appreciate every little baby movement, extra scoop of ice cream and spontaneous foot rub a little bit more than I did last time.

It is true every morning I wake up annoyed I am still not in labor. I am anxious to have this sweet girl and start this new chapter in our family, but I am thankful to be able to appreciate these small pleasures of this long pregnancy.


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