A Day In the Life

Getting used to a day with two little ones is a big change. It is much more physically draining than one, but much less emotionally draining. The first time around every single decision felt like life or death. Now it is more like, “Are both girls still alive?…Yes?…GREAT!” Each day looks a lot like this…

I spend the morning with happy, beautiful girls. One sleeps a lot and the other is full of so much joy and energy that I cannot get enough of her.

2014-07-30 14.16.39-2 2014-07-30 14.16.39-20

Oh and it starts with coffee. ALWAYS.
2014-07-31 13.48.23-12

While Clara sleeps, Emma Grace and I spend a lot of time listening to music (she still asks to see Tarzan daily), coloring, gardening and sometimes crafting. Today we listened to her Tarzan Pandora station while making a count down chain for Peter Pan. The girl CANNOT get enough musical theater šŸ™‚

2014-07-31 13.48.23-182014-07-31 13.48.23-202014-07-31 13.48.23-21 2014-07-31 13.48.23-19

Clara played during her small window of not sleeping and not eating.
2014-07-31 13.48.23-52 2014-07-31 13.48.23-37

However after lunch things start to go downhill. Clara’s naps get shorter. Emma Grace starts to get needier. I get tired. After starting most days like this…
2014-07-31 13.48.23-53
By the time Shane gets home it looks like this…
IMG_20140730_174158 (1)
No shower, dinner left cold on the table, both girls crying and mama not far behind.

Every morning I have plans for what I am going to accomplish after bedtime, but by the time bedtime rolls around you can bet I am doing nothing but watching TV and going to bed. Right now, that is ok. I enjoy my mornings with my girls and tv with my hubby. Everything else can wait.


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